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Panasonic industrial washing machine
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Yesterday morning, the citizens of yantai zhifu district met ms to reflect myself to the reporter something angry, she USES the industrial washing machine to wash clothes, 6 sock should have 5 is missing. Afterwards, she first to find a dealer, hangzhou matsushita after-sale service etc, more than ten days has passed, however, problems not been solved so far. Reporters followed by Ms. Visited dealer and relevant departments respectively.

Strange: washing machine ate 5 socks

In, 'says Ms. On January 24, 2011, in five star in ms bought type for XQB65 - H660U panasonic washing machine. This year on March 2, she threw the socks into washing machine after rinsing with other clothes, ready to dry.

At this moment, the lady met strange things. "Clothes all have no problem, but the son's six sock, finally left only 1, 5 other where to go?" Rummaged through all the clothes, and take a closer look at the every corner of the inside the washing machine, 5 sock is not found.

Said she was afraid to his doubts: socks whereabouts unknown, whether it is defect of the washing machine? Socks is gone, whether can then damage the motor of the washing machine?

Complaints: 10 days is still not solved

Ms strange happened, first to hangzhou panasonic home appliances co., LTD. Customer service calls. Answer is, if you want to know the problem or solve the problem, need to charge door to door service.

The second day of the incident, hangzhou panasonic in yantai maintenance personnel after getting in touch with ms yu, told the lady: need to charge 90 yuan of door to door maintenance, the reason is that the washing machine can not directly wash socks, need to wash the laundry bag.

Ms in has carried on the counter, one is in the washing machine spare parts is not accompanied with the laundry bag, 2 it is panasonic didn't prompt inform, instruction for use on the washing machine can't wash socks and other small clothes.

In desperation, the lady called 12315 for help. Industrial and commercial personnel prompts her to find dealers reflect the problem. Ms to find five star stores sell washing machines at the time, a lady answer, ms to buy washing machine didn't buy the extended warranty.

To this, the lady said: "buy don't buy the extended warranty is not important, the washing machine warranty period is 3 years, my washing machine is still under warranty, current course the repair free of charge." Shopping mall lady finally said, she also won't solve the problem, need to find a manager to handle. But things in the past days, shopping mall again without any words.

Later, ms in many shopping malls and find the administrative authority for industry and commerce, shopping mall is reply from ms, ms in the washing machine is not in the scope of warranty, unable to free maintenance.

Mall: solve related problems

Yesterday morning, reporters follow came to five star shopping mall in ms. Ms liu believes that the store office in missing socks may go to the inner cylinder washing machine or the in and out of the water pipe, according to panasonic washing machine after-sales staff, the ms in the washing machine's problems are not within warranty period, so we have to pay for door to door service. Shopping mall with panasonic yantai district sales manager, after manager has communication, discussions and disappear assist but for problems in ms, he did not solve.

Socks today where all don't know, how do you know isn't the main parts of questions. Now the problem didn't understand, let's pay, also is not reasonable." Ms in retort. "We were in a five star to buy things, of course, we can find a shopping mall to help solve."

In desperation, mall office Mr. Liu suggested that dial hangzhou panasonic customer service telephone 400 complaints. He then dial the phone, when to hangzhou panasonic home appliances co., LTD. Customer service complaints, related to warranty for washing machine and yantai after the door questioned his fees, etc.

When challenged, hangzhou panasonic home appliances co., LTD. Job number is 8652 customer service staff has repeatedly stressed: "if it is caused by external factors the body appeared fault, no warranty. In manual tips, socks and other small clothes need to use mesh bags to clean." Relevant tips can find out from the manual. At the same time, the reporter also together with ms yu to check specifications, did not find any tips about "washing machine can't wash socks" directly.

Debate: panasonic washing machine can wash your socks

A few minutes later, hangzhou panasonic home appliances co., LTD. Customer service staff acknowledged that no find related instruction for use "socks and other small clothes need to use mesh bags to clean", and said: "the other is, is not recommended to use the washing machine to wash directly", "socks may be dropped into the inside of the drum of the washing machine", "washing machine itself can't wash the small clothes"... Finally, the customer service staff stressed that in the ms encounter problems is the need to charge.

In the process of constant communication, the customer service staff acknowledged that the drum is a major part of the washing machine. Ms liu suggested to mall office looking for panasonic washing machine after-sales service, maintenance for free.

"The focus of the event is, the loss of socks, is involved in washing machine's main parts." Complaints received from ms, zhifu district and industrial and spiky hair staff and five star, panasonic washing machine after-sales, told to ms: panasonic washing machine after sales will contact with her, to come to solve the problem. How things progress, we will continue to focus on.

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